WWSDA Has a New Web Site and Busy Start to February

Thanks to the efforts of Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association Jack Knox, Merry Russell and John Wentz, the start of February is a productive time.

Merry Russell organizes our annual Jack Knox sheep- and cattle-dog clinic for the weekend of February 4-5 in the fine indoor arena of JB Ranch LLC in Fort Atkinson.

John Wentz represents the WWSDA at the annual GrassWorks Grazing Conference at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, February 2-5.

And, wherever you are, any time of the year, feel free to tell others about the many aspects of our work in the WWSDA. And when you do, please direct them to our new and always improving web site. People can get to the site now either by directing their browser to www.wwsda.org or www.wwsda.com.

We thank Amanda Gordon for her hard work in getting the new site up and running. And we invite members to send Amanda their suggestions for additional material or improvements. Her email is agilityentry@outlook.com.

Catherine Price continues to maintain our Facebook page, which is a great source for news or for just connecting to other folks. Catherine's email is wolvescnp@yahoo.com