Lori Cunningham

Lori Cunningham currently lives on a small farm in Central Pennsylvania. She has been involved in training Border Collies and sheepdog trialing for 20+ years. She enjoys raising and training her own dogs and is very supportive of the United States Border Collies Handling Association (USBCHA) nursery program. Lori and her dog Matt have qualified for the USBCHA Open National Finals the last eight years, four of those times in the top ten in qualifying points. In 2017 she also qualified her up and coming dog Buck.

Lori has served multiple terms as a Director on the USBCHA's Board of Directors and was the co-Chair of the 2013 USBCHA National Finals in Middletown, Virginia. Lori's previous judging assignments have included the 2018 Sonoma Wine Country SDT, Edgeworth, Nevada State Championships, Butternut, Old Chatham, and Big Bend, to name a few.

When not working dogs, Lori is an attorney who has spent most of her professional career involved in high security prison management.

When asked about judging the WWSDA Trial, Lori commented, "I've heard so many wonderful things about this trial and am very much looking forward to judging it and getting to see a lot of great dog work on such a beautiful field."

We are pleased to have Lori Cunningham as our judge for the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association's 33rd Annual Sheep Dog Trials.