Welcome to Wisconsin Working Stock Dog ASSOCIATION


Since its incorporation on March 17, 1983,  The Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association (WWSDA) has grown to serve members from across the Midwest United States. Its core mission is to advance the interests of working stock dogs and those who breed, train, and partner with them in farm work, recreation, and competitions. 

 Since 1986 the WWSDA has staged an annual sheepdog trial that has become one of the premier competitions in the nation. The Annual WWSDA Trial is currently held over Labor Day weekends near Hudson, Wisconsin.

 The organization also puts on an annual indoor sheep and cattle herding clinic the first weekend in February, with world famous trainer Jack Knox. 

 Through its member relations, bi-monthly newsletter, Facebook page and this web site, the club encourages and supports clinics, competitions of various kinds, and other activities for the advancement of stock dogs. 



The Start of Wisconsin Working Stock Dog.

Jean and Ken Kitsembel (Richland Center)and Kent and Karen Minett (Viola) were all interested in border collies and...

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If you would like to become a member of the WWSDA, please request the electronic version of a Complimentary Newsletter. In the newsletter you will find the necessary membership application or you may click HERE for a pdf form to print out.

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