Lambing Time is Here

Lambing Time is Here

Warm sunny days and dog trials seem a world away when the Midwest has been in the throws of a polar vortex, blizzards, and freezing rain! However, we jump our clocks ahead in less than 3 weeks and the first day of spring is less than 2 weeks later. Lambing time is near and some have already started!

Avoid Foot Rot Like The Plague

By Mike Neary, Extension Sheep Specialist: Purdue

(reprinted with permission from July/August 1993 The Working Border Collie)

Foot rot in the ewe flock is a frustrating situation. Anyone who has fought foot rot can attest to this. Seldom is the battle completely won. Foot rot always seems to win a partial victory, whether through decreased production, increased labor and medication costs, decreased ewe longevity and higher culling rates. Foot rot can be a wicked health problem in sheep or can be a mild annoyance.

Volunteers Needed!

Please Volunteer For Annual Trial Set Up

Be a saint! Be a Mensch! Be the hero of the sheepdoggy world!

You will be all of those things and an indispensable part the WWSDA's efforts to put on our Annual Trials if you can come to the Badlands Sno-Park on Saturday, August 19 to help set up the trial field.

Work will start at 10:00 a.m. that day where the big tent has been set up (at the very top of the big hill). Please bring any or all of these items that you have:  a pair of gloves, pliers, fence pounder, knife, and good work clothes.

If we get rained out on Saturday, please meet on Sunday, August 20. If you have questions about the rain or anything else, contact Claudia Mahon at or Susane Hoffman at

The full address for the site is Badlands Sno-Park, 772 Kinney Road, Hudson, WI 54016.